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Roltay Inc. Energy Services is a specialty consulting firm providing a variety of design, implementation, programming and administrative services to industry leading electric & gas utilities, energy service providers, international consulting firms, mechical contractors, architects and builders.

Experience that Works for You!

Roltay provides highly experienced and effective work products. Roltay has over 30 years of experience in the construction and mechanical indistries as well as over 14 years in the energy-efficiency industry including 8 years working for a fortune 500 utility. Utilizing the most current Building Science, we've built homes, fixed homes, designed homes, and analyzed mechanical systems and buildings inside and out.

Roltay has extensive experience in utility and regulatory planning and evaluation and has analyzed thousands of mechanical systems including ground source heat pumps throughout the United States.

Roltay strives to bring truth and meaning to the energy-efficiency markets, as well as efficiency and efficacy to programs and professional and personal service to all our clients and the market actors our clients interact with.


  • Program design and implementation.
  • Program evaluation and support services.
  • Training
    • Residential Mechanical System Design
    • Residential Construction
    • Program Roll-out, Implementation, etceteras
    • Field Application and Support
    • Diagnostic Tools
  • Quality Control
    • Inpections
    • Paperwork compliance
    • Software automation
  • Program Administration
  • Design Support
    • Architects
    • Builders
    • Mechanical Contractors